America’s Tri For Health™ on Labor Day

Welcome to the America’s Tri For Health™ web site, where you can sign up to join Hunter Lussi as he tries to form the largest group to ever run a triathlon this Labor Day. Learn more about Hunter and get a certificate when you participate in your triathlon this September.

We also have a version of the introduction at normal speed for you to see.

If you don't want to watch the video, you can read Hunter’s introduction to the America’s Tri for Health™ site.

We also have Hunter’s Healthy Habits, and a Facebook group that you will be able to join after you register here. Be sure your doctor says you’re in good medical condition to participate, and we’ll see you on Labor Day!

Hunter’s quest (as I like to call it) and goals are beyond impressive to me. In fact, since watching the special on NBC 4, I’ve made a commitment to get myself into shape — something I haven’t done since I was a collegiate athlete — I am making some good progress already. His story is inspiring; commitment compelling, and his actions speak even louder than his words. I think that he has a story to tell and an audience ready and in need of hearing it. Any way that I can help, I would love to — and would do so passionately.

— Kevin N. Hoover
Executive Director
Georgetown Prep Sports Camps