America’s Tri For Health on Labor Day

Introduction from Hunter Lussi

My name is Hunter Lussi.

I’m doing three of my favorite things:

I was never the most athletic kid in my class.

And my brother and sister have always been much thinner and better in most sports than I’ll ever be.

So, how did I go from Couch Potato to being able to swim, bike and run 140.6 miles in less than 14 hours?

I set a fitness goal that took me over 6 years to achieve and I surrounded myself with friends and family members who kept themselves in great shape...

Basically, I surrounded myself with “Fitness Friends” so that their healthy habits would rub off on me.

It’s much easier to exercise if you are around people who are always exercising.

I set up this website to help every American become or stay physically fit.

First, America needs a fitness goal...Let’s become the “Fittest Country in the World”...that was it gets a little harder.

How are we going to do this?

In order to help America like I was helped I need to start with fitness activities that I know about and that are really fun...

...most adults and most kids love to swim and ride a bike, or roller blade or ride a razor scooter or a skateboard or ride on anything that rolls fast or run or at least the adults did when they were kids and had the time to do these fun things.

We need a whole bunch of swimmers, bikers and runners as Fitness Friends to help the rest of us get up off the couch every day and start to enjoy becoming fit.

There are about 130,000 United States Triathlon Members in America that would make great Fitness Friends.

I’m also very sure that there are at least 1 million Fitness Friends in America who exercise all the time and stay fit...

...and if they each helped one new person each year start exercising...that would be 2 million people exercising by next year at this time...

...and then if everyone who was helped to exercise helped one new person to exercise each 8 years, 256 million Americans would be exercising...and America will save billions on healthcare costs starting right away.

OK. We have the goal of getting America fit and we know there are about 1 million people who can help, and that it will take about 8 years to get most of America fit.

Now we need to give the 1 million Fitness Friends a reason to help. How about letting them become part of a World Record. I hold a number of World Records and it feels pretty good...all we need is 68,000 Fitness Friends doing a triathlon on the same day to break the existing World Record held by Great Britain.

Plus these Fitness Friends will be giving back because they were probably helped by a friend or a parent or a mentor to become fit at some point in their lives like I was.

And I’m speaking to a number of huge sports companies that may give a bunch of free sports stuff and discounts to Fitness Friends who help America become more fit.

So let’s pick a day for this triathlon...say each Labor that everyone has all Summer to do a little training and everyone can still have their cookouts after they do some or all of “America’s Triathlon for Fitness” each Labor Day.

Let’s make America’s Tri For Health easy for everyone...participants can do all three events, the swim, the bike and the run..or just one because triathlons are done as relays too.

And let’s make the distances for the swim, bike and run all take most participants less than an hour... that would make the swim 20 laps of a normal neighborhood or YMCA pool...and the bike 10 miles or about 45 minutes peddling a exercise bike in your gym or YMCA or house and the run/walk about 2.5 miles which would take about 30 minutes for running outside or on a treadmill or 45 to 50 minutes walking.

If you are roller-blading, or propelling yourself in a chair or on a razor or on a skateboard you will be much faster than these times.

Hopefully, we now have a few million Americans seeing that becoming fit and helping one more America become fit is not so hard.

So the next step to maintaining these fitness activities beyond the fact that the participants will start to feel better, have more energy, go to the doctor less and sleep better... recognition from their peers.

Let’s talk more about that World Record and how easy it would be to achieve and maintain each year.

First, if a little more than half the United States Triathlon Association Members went for a training run or ride or swim on the same day...I’m proposing Labor Day...they would break the existing World Record...these triathletes don’t even have to leave their homes or neighborhoods or places where they were going to have a cookout on Labor Day...

...they just have to registrar on this website before Labor Day and report their participation after Labor Day.

And, like most triathlon races, all the participants will get an official document certifying them as an “America’s Tri For Health Training Team Member” and a certificate from the World Triathlon Team describing their participation each Labor Day and acknowledging if a World Record was achieved.

Unlike most other triathlons, participating in the “America’s Tri For Health” triathlon does not cost you any money or travel expenses.

And this triathlon can’t fill up and get too big.

The whole point is to get everyone in America participating.

When you think about all the things you can do to help yourself in life, there is no better or more valuable gift that you can give yourself than good health.

There is no better or more valuable gift that you can give a family member or friend than good health.

There is no better or more valuable gift that you can give America than good health.

And beyond being healthier, America will save billions on healthcare costs and America will again become the strongest most productive country in the world.

My friends and family members have made it easy for me to live a fitness lifestyle and I’m trying to make this website an easy starting point to get America fit.

It’s easy to register for the “America’s Tri For Health” each Labor Day.

It’s easy to report and receive your official certificate for participating and possibly setting a new World Record each year.

And it’s easy to “Find a Fitness Friend” in your area to help you get started or for you to help get fit.

Thank you for helping get America fit. Getting up and doing a little more exercise today than you did yesterday or helping someone start exercising.

Exercising today will make a huge positive difference in America’s health, healthcare costs, attitude, productivity and economy.

Now I’m going to show you a trick created many years ago by an Army drill sergeant of how to get off the couch and start exercising — without actually getting up. I list more of these fitness hints in the part of the website called “Hunter’s Helpful Hints”.

I was the chubby kid who could not do a pushup...then someone showed me how to do a “Let-down” pushup.

If you let yourself down one more time each day as you get off the couch before you go for a walk or a ride or a swim...

...soon you will be doing 10, 20, 30, 40 ...100 let-down pushups each day. Once you get over 50 per day you will start to feel your arms getting stronger. When you get over a 100, magically you will be able to push back will be able to do pushups!

Alright...everyone off the couch and let yourself down a few times. And let’s go do a little bit more exercise than you did yesterday.