Hunter’s Letter to Rahm Emanuel, 5/28/2009

[Sports Illustrated Kids featuring Hunter Lussi (May 2009)]

Hunter M. Lussi

May 28, 2009

Rahm Emanuel
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Emanuel:

I gave the attached letter to Mayor Fenty this winter at a bicycle shop opening and he said he would give it to you to give it to President Obama. I raced with the Mayor two weeks ago at the Columbia Triathlon but I did not get a chance to ask him if he had given you this letter because he was 1 minute and 1 second behind me.

I thought it was really cool that you were challenging Former-President Bush to do a triathlon with you at his Texas ranch when he was President. I was challenging him at the same time to get America fit. Eagleman is a Half Ironman that I think the Mayor is doing in two weeks and if you are up for it, I would enjoy racing with you and discussing my plan to get America fit at little or no cost. I know the Race Director and there will be no problem getting you in the race.

I was selected by Sports Illustrated Kids as one of the top 20 athletes under 20 years old in the country for my triathlons, my swimming and my quest to convince you and the President to help me get America fit. I was interviewed and the reporter has the letter I gave Mayor Fenty. The interview is going to be on TV sometime this week and I wanted to make sure you had a copy of the letter just in case Mayor Fenty was too busy to give it to you.


Hunter M. Lussi