About Hunter Lussi

[Sports Illustrated Kids featuring Hunter Lussi (May 2009)]

Text version of the website introduction

Hunter was recently in Current Health magazine and the Weekly Reader’s teen-oriented Get Up and Go.

Replying to President and Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” memo.

A letter to President Obama regarding a discussion with Congressman Kind’s staff about the Obesity Bill

A second letter to President Obama, outlining Cash for Couch Potatoes and other initiatives.

Video of Hunter at ChesapeakeMan 2009.

Coverage on WUSA-9 of Hunter’s participation in ChesapeakeMan 2009.

Results from Hunter’s entry in the 2009 ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance race

Hunter Lussi: A Teen Triathlete Who Makes Me Smile” by Extreme Self blogger Katie Drummond

Katie followed her article with an interview while Hunter was on his way to ChesapeakeMan 2009

Story about Hunter on Channel 4 in Washington, DC

Story about Hunter on WUSA-9 in Washington, DC

The text of a speech that Hunter gave

Hunter’s first training video

Washington Post article: “An Ironman Who’s Not Yet a Man

By the Numbers: [2:04:26]: New marathon world record set by Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie in Berlin September 30. [18.5]: Average hours per day an armadillo sleeps. [13]: Age of youngest-ever iron-distance race finisher, Hunter Lussi

Washington Post article: “Iron Kid; Once-Chubby Couch Potato Goes the Distance in Full-Scale Triathlon

Washington Post article: “A Super-Sized Workout

Inside Traithlon - The Multisport Life

Hunter’s letter to George W. Bush

Hunter’s letter to Barack Obama after the presidential election

Hunter’s follow-up letter to Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff

Hunter’s triathlon records

Hunter’s reply to Obama's speech on health care

Bob Vigorito, Hunter’s triathlete mentor

Excerpts from Hunter’s eigth grade yearbook

Hunter’s mom is also a triathlete:
'Iron Moms' by Ruth Samuelson

Hunter’s finish at the ChesapeakeMan 2009 trithlon: 11h, 47m, 55s

Hunter’s finish at the ChesapeakeMan 2010 trithlon: 11h, 24m, 57s